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HeartNews 11/2014

 Dear Friend, 31 and 59; as I sit at my desk typing this letter I am struck with the reality of the number of days until Thanksgiving and Christmas. Where has the year 2014    gone?! As the Christmas decorations in Wal-Mart stare me in the face as a stark reminder of the hustle and bustle […]

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HeartNews 10/2014

 Dear Friend, Mother Teresa was once asked, “What can you do to promote world peace?” To which she replied, “Go  home and love your family.” In her wisdom, Mother Teresa understood the importance of family and t  the affect that family life can have on individuals. In a perfect society, the home would be a […]

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HeartNews 09/2014

Dear Friend, It is the passion of No Heart Left Behind to walk along all types of families and show them the love of  Christ. Over the past couple of months a particular type of family that has been weighing heavy on my  heart is single parent families, particularly families led by a single mother. […]

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HeartNews 8/2014

 Dear Friend, Over the past several months I have had individuals come in for marital counseling only to have them  talk about the stress of parenting their children. Recently I have worked with parents who are dealing  with everything from not knowing what to do with toddlers, to dealing with rebellious teenagers. Issues  that have […]

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