Abby ShieldsWhile Abby has many degrees behind her name, the one from which she travels the country speaking and teaching from the word of God is her doctorate degree in life experiences. Life experiences like her struggle with depression, the death of a child, her husband’s disbarment from the legal profession and the subsequent loss of all material possessions that left her bankrupt both financially and spiritually. While experiencing these traumatic events, Abby found out that Jesus and the word of God was all she needed to have life that is truly life. It is this understanding that ignited Abby’s passion for the message of the gospel and heightened her sensitivity to a hurting world. This also led her to found No Heart Left Behind in 2006 that looks to heal a hurting world one heart at a time with the word of God and the love of Christ.

Abby has been a sought after speaker by audiences as close as Natchez, LA Chamber’s leadership retreat and as far away as Belize, South America where she spoke to the Social Security Department. She also had the opportunity to speak at Focus on the Family’s 25th Anniversary Celebration. The message she brings to her audiences across the country and beyond is to seek “life that is truly life.”  She created the communication training program “Directionality,” based on the principles of developing the attitude of Christ Jesus (Phil 2:5), and her work with a school system in Kentucky has been featured on NBC’s The Today Show. In recent years, her efforts have earned her the honor of one of St. Tammany Parish’s YMCA Heroes in 2012, and she was nominated as 1 of 8 finalists for Christian Business Women’s “Woman of the Year” in 2013.

The above are all things that Abby Shields has done with her life but none of these accomplishments are who she is. What Abby wants you to know about her is her heart… her heart for Jesus! It is her passion for Christ that communicates biblical truths through scriptural examples and practical life experiences that causes her audiences to enjoy her enthusiasm and humor along with her authenticity.