Christian Women’s Fellowship, Covington, LA
Our Lady of the Lake Youth Ministry, Mandeville, LA
Morris Chapel Church of God Amite, LA
Focus on the Family, Colorado Springs, CO
St. Timothy’s Methodist Church, Mandeville, LA
Women in Recovery, Panama City, FL
New Zion Baptist Church, Folsom, LA
Trinity Church, Covington, LA
First Baptist Church, Slidell, LA
People’s Church, Charleston, WV
St. John’s Reform Church, Wapwallopen, PA
Trinity Lutheran Church, Mandeville, LA
Tri-Lakes Chapel, Monument, CO
West Shore EFC, Harrisburg, PA
EFC of Hershey, Hershey, PA
Northshore Church, Slidell, LA


When you said you would speak at our Regional Assembly Luncheon I was just delighted. Since I had not heard you lecture myself; I had to rely on the praise of others. I asked that your talk be inspirational, timely, humorous and again, I was de1ighted. You tied all three of these requests in with our theme, “No longer Strangers”. You made us laugh, you made us cry ~ and you made us think.

The response of the women throughout the region has been wonderful, and so positive. Our CWF Regional President was full  of praise for the program.

Abby, thank you for coming to our group. God has given you a fine talent, a great gift. I am so glad you are using it to serve Him.
~ Christian Women’s Fellowship

Thank you for the wonderful talk you gave at our Mother/Daughter Brunch. I was so impressed with the way you reached every age group we had in attendance. You touch many lives in a short period of time. God has given you a gift. Thank you for you servant’s heart.
~ Director Youth Ministry, Our Lady of the Lake

Your recent appearance at our church was moe than I could have ever expected. You encouraged so many of us to utilize the strengths given to us by God. You left us with a wonderful sense of self awareness and a new found willingness to explore ourselves and recognize our potential. We were so moved and delighted by y our powerful words . I can’t thank you enough.
~ YWCC President, Morris Chapel Church of God

Various participant responses from different programs:

 Abby was fun and informative.

Abby’s passion for her message and the Word of God were contagious.

Abby says it like it is. She is a great communicator . She gave me a lot to think on and apply.

I LOVED her enthusiasm for Jesus and for life.

Abby’s message was very thought provoking. It challenged me to look at my focus: God or circumstances. Would love to hear her speak again one day.

Abby’s self exposure was so transparent. It is not easy to open yourself up so personally. It really helped me to know others have been down a road of despair and how God uses that despair for His good and His glory.

Everything about Abby’s program was WONDERFUL!

Abby’s ability to make one get to the point with her enthusiasm and humor while always pointing you to the Savior and how He is in control in all circumstances and changes.

Her practical illustrations and applications were so helpful.

Abby really makes the Word come alive.

Abby’s authenticity and love of Christ is so real. She shared real praises against the backdrop of real difficulties.

We are still on a spiritual high after hearing Abby speak.