The following are some of Abby’s most requested programs and their descriptions. She is also happy to work with you to design a program that caters to the needs of your church or organization.


At the heart of every parent is a parent’s heart; a heart filled with hopes and dreams, a heart that sees their child’s potential and a heart that desires to connect with the heart of their child.

Give Them a Piece of Your Heart focuses on teaching parents how to open the eyes of their hearts to create a culture in the home where a message of personal worth and significance is communicated. This program embraces a new perspective of parenting that teaches parents how to parent from the inside out and focus on the beliefs of the child instead of the behavior of the child.

  • Partial lists of topics covered include:
  • The Four Hearts of Parenting
  • Attitudes of the Home
  • Acknowledging the Real Job of Parenting
  • The Root of Problematic Behavior
  • Listening to Your Child Versus Hearing what Your Child is Saying

In this study, parents will learn how to:

  • Provide time frames for a child to learn responsibilities
  • Allow the child to experience the natural consequences of life
  • Create a balanced culture in the home
  • Help their child to explore solutions to conflict
  • Have fun and enjoy their child
  • Reconnect with their child


You can Get Straight A’s and Still Flunk Life! is designed to help today’s parents and teens to understand that they cannot flourish without planting these important truths in their heart:

God’s Word is powerful and true

BIBLE:  “Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth” answers the hard questions of “why” and “what’s in it for me?”

Identity does not come from external factors

The abundant life is not about position, popularity or possessions

Live with less stress and more happiness


The No Heart Left Behind® Program gives teachers and parents practical tools to help the emotionally-wounded child be successful in the school environment and in life.  A brief overview of the presentations:

Becoming a Teacher of Influence

Customer Service in Your Classroom

Heart-felt Discipline

The Law of Potential


Romancing the Stone While Leaning on the Rock

Kerry and Abby Shields bring to their programs the belief that at the heart of every marital problem is a problem of the heart. Founders of No heart Left Behind foundation, Kerry and Abby’s candid, personal experience and humor, blended with the truth of God’s Word, bring to life how important it is for couples to guard their hearts and lean on the Rock when hearts seem to turn to stone. Kerry and Abby will emphasize how to build your house on the Rock instead of sinking sand by focusing on open and loving communication, giving and receiving forgiveness, horizontal grace and re-framing expectations. Please Join Kerry and Abby as they share their passion for Jesus Christ and the life-giving grace He can bring to your marriage.


The drive behind all of the women’s programs/seminars/retreats presented by No Heart Left Behind® is that women will become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ, and that they will come to a better understanding of Who They Are and Whose They Are.  Some of our women’s programs include:

Extreme Makeover:  Heart Edition

Color of Hope

Christ in You, the Hope of Glory

Circle of Friends

My Beloved


  • If Life is So Great, Why Am I So Miserable?
  • The Joy of the Journey

As we move into the second half of our lives, adapting to life’s inevitable changes can be challenging. The mere mention of the words “growing older” can engender fear as we are forced out of our comfort zone.  How we respond can profoundly affect the way we live our later years. In this lighthearted and informative program, Abby provides practical wisdom for:

  • embracing changes
  • moving beyond our fears
  • living a joy-filled life
  • discovering the positive side of loss

These programs will give renewed focus on how to lay the foundation for a glorious and joy-filled second half!