Abby Shields
Abby Shields (Founder)

Dear Friend,

A couple of weeks ago, the NHLB staff met with our Board for our annual vision meeting. It was a sweet time to come together and pray for the work of the ministry as well as discuss vision and goals for the upcoming year. One very important task that was accomplished was to update our mission statement to better encompass the work we do at No Heart Left Behind. Our New mission statement reads: 

“We are a faith based nonprofit ministry that walks alongside families in crisis and offers hope and healing through our Conferences, Counseling and  Care Community Outreach.”

With our Heart and Soul Gala approaching on March 29th, I find myself explaining our work to many people who are not yet familiar with what we do. While I am VERY pleased with our updated mission statement, I still find that people who have not experienced No Heart Left Behind for themselves struggle to understand and support the work of the ministry. My staff and I have discussed at length the reasons for this, and we believe that a lot of this stems from the fact that all of the work we do adds up to an investment in PEOPLE. We don’t have a building to direct people to, nor a specific cause to donate to. When you support No Heart Left Behind you are supporting people, your supporting families, your supporting relationships.

The work of No Heart Left Behind may not be as “visual” to those who don’t know about our ministry, but the work that we do is CRUCIAL. We live in a very broken world, and this broken world is filled with pain and hurting people. These broken, hurting people start families and affect the stories of their children and the wounds are handed down from one generation to the next. The simple truth is that the only thing that will heal all of this is Jesus. The gospel is the only answer to bring hope and healing to this hurting world. This is our work. To meet families and individuals in crisis and point them to Jesus. 

We believe that Satan is attacking this world by destroying families. The very system that was meant to be a place of safety and comfort is being torn apart and “christian” families don’t seem to be much better off. We feel called to stand up and fight for families and fight for relationships. That is our work, because strong families make for strong communities and bring a little more of the kingdom to earth. 

Like I mentioned earlier, our Heart and Soul Gala is coming up on Friday, March 29th at The Greystone in Mandeville from 7-10. It will be a night of dinner and dancing with entertainment provided by 4 Unplugged. There will be a Cajun Auction, and the proceeds of the auction will go to support NHLB. We are so thankful for our supporters and ask that you would consider attending the event. We are also looking for sponsors and donations for our auction. Tickets for the event are $75 and more information as well as ticket purchase can be done by visiting our events page on our website, If you can help through sponsorship, auction donation, or your attendance it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your belief in our mission! God Bless!

In His Grip,

Abby Shields