Abby Shields
Abby Shields

Dear Friend,

Around this time each year, our staff is busy preparing for our annual vision meeting with our board of directors. Preparation for this meeting affords me the time to reflect on all that God has done through the ministry and seek wisdom for where God is leading us in the new year. 

I am truly humbled when I think of all of the lives that have been touched through the ministry, and all of the supporters over the years who have supported our work. For over 12 years now, No Heart Left Behind (NHLB) has been building into the lives and families in St. Tammany Parish and the surrounding areas through belief-based counseling, conferences, in-service programs and our CARE ministry.

Fifteen years ago, I left my job as an educator to pursue a speaking career, because it was my dream that one day all people would be treated with dignity and respect.  During the early years of my speaking career, the Lord planted a powerful seed in my heart as I grew in love and knowledge of my savior, Jesus Christ.  He began to show me that in my speaking, I was trying to heal spiritual problems with worldly solutions, and without the word of God, it was a losing battle. God led me to Proverbs 4:23 that says, “Proverbs 4:23 says, “above all else guard your heart for out of it is the wellspring of life.” Through listening to the stories of countless individuals struggling with an array of issues, the Lord began to show me that the problems of all of these people amounted to one thing: a problem of the heart.

From that point on, that seed of ministering to problems of the heart, specifically marriage and family, has been my calling and what birthed the vision of No Heart Left Behind. What began as some speaking opportunities and a Bible study has grown into a ministry that can minister to the hearts of individuals and families in various forms of crisis. Our family-focused conferences and thriving belief-based counseling ministry allow us to help individuals and families in spiritual and emotional crisis. Through our CARE ministry, we are able to walk alongside families in financial crisis who have been hit by life circumstances like illness, death, or loss of employment. Through the generosity of supporters like you, our CARE ministry is able to provide temporary financial assistance as we help to get families back to a place of self-sufficiency. 

The work of No Heart Left Behind is an investment in people. We want individuals and families to be transformed by the love and grace of Jesus Christ, and it is our hope that this heart change would lead to a culture of love, dignity, and respect within marriages and families.

I ask that you would continue to pray for the ministry that we would keep in step with the spirit and where he is leading us. I am so grateful for your support and belief in the work that we are doing. Thank you and God Bless!


Abby Shields