Abby Shields
Dear Friend,

As I sit here writing this letter, we have nearly twenty families needing to be adopted for our Christmas Adopt a Family program and it is not even December yet. As I add each family to our list, I am reminded that each of these families comes with a story, and all of their stories tell a tale of difficult circumstances thrust upon them by life, or the aftermath of a family member’s poor decisions that have left them struggling to get by. Their stories sound like this:

My hours were cut at work and I am having trouble paying bills and feeding my family. It’s me, my son (16yrs) and daughter (3yrs). My daughters birthday is 8 days before Christmas and I am stressing on how I am going to be able to buy her birthday presents, Christmas presents for her and my son, plus pay the bills due for December. If I could get help for just a month, that would be a huge help. ~Rochelle

I’m a single mother of 5 babies. Recently was evicted from my home. I had to move in with my dad who’s on disability. We’re blessed that he was able to let us stay here until I can find another place. I’m trying to find a job but daycare is outrageous. I have 3 little girls under the age of 3. Trying to do anything I can to give them a good Christmas. I know there are other kids who need Christmas, I just want to be able to give mine a good one, for once. ~Kelsey

I am a single disabled mom of three my oldest girl is 20, My son is 17, and my youngest girl is 6. I have Lupus. My son is also disabled he was born with albinism and is legally blind he also was diagnosed with severe autism.We live solely on disability and I am seeking any assistance with the holidays or just basic needs. I am currently struggling to keep our home of 11 years I am back one month on my mortgage payment. This is a big fear of mine because this change can cause my son to regress(he was nonverbal for half of his life by the grace of God he has a voice now and has healed tremendously)..any help or referral will be a blessing ~Misty

Their stories are real, and often difficult to hear, and while we, as a ministry, can’t rewrite their story, it is my passion to add faith, joy, and love to their storyline. As the holiday season approaches and our list continues to grow, I am grateful that I have the privilege and opportunity to participate in bringing God’s kingdom to earth and use the “plenty” that He has given us to bring a message of God’s love to those who so desperately need it this holiday season. Friend, I don’t want you to miss the fact that this program is so much more than providing gifts for a family. It is about planting a seed of the Gospel in the hearts of these parents that will hopefully be passed on to their children. It also serves us as a ministry in initiating new relationships with those within our community.

I would ask you to consider adopting a family individually or with a group of friends/colleagues because there is nothing better than participating in kingdom work. Financial donations of any amount are also very appreciated as we are able to use the funds to purchase more gifts and clothes for families. For more information on ways you can participate in this program or if you are interested in donating or adopting a family, please visit our events page on our website,

The Adopt a Family program is just one avenue of our CARE ministry that allows us to reach out to families in need and share God’s hope and love with them. Like others at Thanksgiving, I take pause to reflect on all that I am thankful for and as always, I am so thankful for you, our supporters. Our holiday outreach would not be successful without you and the prayers and support you give year round are a blessing. We are thankful that you continue to believe in the heart of our ministry. As the year comes to a close, and you consider your end of the year giving, we ask that you would prayerfully consider giving a tax-deductible financial gift to support the work of No Heart Left Behind. May you live grateful and have a blessed Thanksgiving with your family and friends.

In His Grip,

Abby Shields

P.S.-We are once again partnering with Faith Bible’s Turkey Train to help serve families in need for Thanksgiving. If you would like to donate items, please see list below. NHLB also has reserved meals available for families in need, so contact Abby if you know of a family who needs assistance for Thanksgiving.