Abby ShieldsDear Friend,

To this very day, I recall the precious moments of over 35 years ago when my little girl would come into my room every morning, and I would sit down on the floor for her to crawl up into my lap. I would hold her close, rocking back and forth, and even as an unbeliever, I would whisper in her ear this phrase, “God has something wonderful planned for you.”

These words took on a whole new meaning when I became a follower of Jesus Christ as I saw the Lord not only working in my heart, but in the heart of my daughter; molding her to be a young woman who loved Jesus and devoted her life to Him. Even still, during her teenage years, I would confirm in her the belief I held that “God has something wonderful planned for you.” Throughout her twenties I have seen God use heartache, mistakes, victories, dead ends, and revelations to reveal to Alicia more of his wonderful plan for her.

It has, and continues to be an ongoing journey for Alicia, but God has given her a deep, intimate love for her heavenly Father, and a passion for sharing this love with ladies God places in her path. God continues to reveal to Alicia her heart’s passions, many of which align with the needs and purpose of No Heart Left Behind. It is my privilege to say that God has brought Alicia to No Heart Left Behind to serve in the ministry with her passion for discipleship, teaching, speaking, and writing.

For the past nine years, she has primarily played a supportive role to me, helping with the writing, event planning, and running our Adopt-a-Family program. However, my greatest joy in working with my daughter is partnering with her in various speaking and teaching opportunities that the Lord puts in front of us. Most years, Alicia plays at least a small speaking role at our annual women’s retreat but this year she is one of the featured speakers for our retreat. If you have had the pleasure of hearing her speak, I would imagine it wouldn’t surprise you that many women ask to hear more of her. A testimonial from a woman who participated in a retreat Alicia and I spoke at together said:

 I have been to several women’s retreats and conferences and this one was by far the best I had ever been to. It was so wonderful to see a mother and daughter work  so closely together and give God the glory. Your insights on the Word and how to apply it to your life were refreshing and thought provoking.

As our annual women’s beach retreat approaches, I am excited to see what God is going to accomplish in the hearts of the women who attend. I am especially excited to be working alongside my daughter as we walk through our retreat theme of “No Greater Love…” together as a team. If you have not yet signed up, there is still time. We have a few spots remaining that we would like to fill by September 11th. This retreat marks the beginning of a busy season for No Heart Left Behind. If you are unable to attend, please be on the lookout for our upcoming Fall/Winter events. You can check our website for updates or follow us on Facebook. As always, we are so blessed by your support and appreciate all of your prayers for the ministry. Be blessed!!!

In His Grip,

Abby Shields


PS…There are a few spots left and still time to sign up for the Women’s Beach Retreat on Sept 28th-30th. Registrations are due by SEPTEMBER 11TH! We hope to see you there!