Abby ShieldsDear Friend,

Being a parent is one of the most fulfilling yet challenging roles in life. I can think of no greater joy on this earth than the first time my babies were placed in my arms and experiencing a level of love that I didn’t know existed this side of heaven. Then as I was rolled out of the hospital, baby in arms, I was struck with the reality that I knew little to nothing about how to raise and shepperd my sweet baby through the challenges that lie ahead. Like many of you, I wondered, “How do you deal with tantrums?” “What should discipline look like?” “How do I instill virtues and a strong character into my teenager?” The reality is that more instructions come with a blender than how to parent a child! Not to mention, no two children are exactly alike so the instructions can change from one child to the next!

In today’s society, the pressures on parents to be the “pinterest mom,” or “super dad” leave parents feeling hesitant to be transparent about their struggles. We wear a mask and do our best to portray an image that we have everything under control. Meanwhile, parents struggle in silence, the fights become greater, and kids end up wounded and parents grow tired and frustrated. But there is hope! We at No Heart Left Behind believe that the key to parenting is understanding your child’s unique heart so that you can guide and mold your child into the person God desires them to be.

Whether you are faced with a tantrum toddler, an insecure youngster, or a rebellious teenager NHLB is offering a 4-week series entitled “The Heart of Parenting.” This series will teach you practical ways based on scriptural principles and help you create the culture of Christ in your home. Some topics we will cover in the series are:

• The Four Hearts of Parenting
• Attitudes of the Home
• The Root of Problematic Behavior
• Listening to Your Child Versus Hearing what Your Child is Saying.

The Heart of Parenting will be held on Tuesday nights at Trinity Church starting March 20th. Childcare is available upon request, and while a love offering will be collected at the end of the series, this is a free class. I encourage you to invest the time in your parenting! Those who have attended the classes before walk away saying things like, “One of the best parenting classes ever! Not a seven-step process of parenting but a God centered approach to parenting. Loved it!”

We hope you can join us! You can sign up for the class by registering on our website under the events page at God Bless and thank you for your continued support.

In His Grip,

Abby Shields