Abby Shields
Dear Friend,
This past month, my husband and I had the privilege of meeting with Miss Rosanne, a 74-year old woman and her son, Tommy. We met the two of them at their low-income apartment they had just moved into three weeks ago. Previously, they had been living in a shelter in Baton Rouge since being displaced from their home by the floods that decimated the Denham Springs area back in August 2016. Their apartment was bare, and we quickly learned that this elderly lady and her son had been sitting and sleeping on the floor for three weeks and owned little more than the clothes on their backs. Yet even more tragic, this was the SECOND time mother-nature had left them in a place to rebuild; the first being Katrina.
As I listened to Mrs. Rosanne’s story of trial and loss, though downtrodden and desolate, her response to this journey was this, “God has been good to us.” Not many in her situation would say the same but she was right. For God’s goodness and blessing is not determined by the absence of hard times, but his presence and provision IN those hard times.
Mrs. Roseanne’s story, and others like hers is the heartbeat of No Heart Left Behind’s CARE Ministry. We want to be the hands and feet of Jesus to people who have been knocked down by life and let them know that God has not abandoned them in their circumstances. There are many wonderful social services out there, but what sets us apart is the freedom to meet needs unique to the individual and our ability to build relationships and share the love of Jesus with the people God puts in our path. For example, the government was able to provide Mrs. Roseanne with an apartment but could not furnish it. The government could give them food stamps but were not able to give them supplies to cook the food. The government could assign them a case number but could not visit and pray with them and give them hope through Jesus.
Our CARE ministry doesn’t look to reinvent the wheel. We partner with numerous agencies in our community. We want to connect people with resources available and fill in the needs as necessary. Ultimately, we want to use what God provides to show people the love of Jesus and encourage them through the promises of God’s Word.
We envision many benefits of having a building to house our CARE Ministry. It would allow for greater volunteer involvement and, provide a face for the ministry to the hurting in our community. A building would also give us space to store donations, when currently, if donations do not meet an immediate need, we have to turn them away as we have limited storage space.
While there are many needs out there, the people like Mrs. Roseanne that come to our CARE Ministry are looking for hope, and that hope lies in knowing Christ. We are so grateful for the ways you have supported the work of meeting those needs in Jesus’ name and hope that you would prayerfully consider supporting our dream of expanding our reach of the ministry into the community through a building for No Heart Left Behind. Thank you and God Bless!
In His Grip,

Abby Shields